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About Me

About me

I am a creative strategist and innovation designer with twelve years of experience co-creating and leading brand communication, digital PR and corporate social responsibility projects. I am currently conducting research on principles, conditions and challenges for business models and social, circular and regenerative innovation in emerging economies. Currently, I advise projects for sustainable development and the circular economy in Colombia and at the same time, I am the founder of ¨Somos Creativas¨ an emerging community with more than 300 women from various areas of creativity in Colombia and a few other countries of the world.


My areas of interest, experience and knowledge: Creative direction and strategy, design thinking, business and experience design, digital PR, social innovation, equity and sustainability, circular economy and regenerative innovation.


About my research

Business Innovation is focused on the invention of new strategies for success, which normally depends on a variety of conditions such as market and consumer´s trends. However, underlying assumptions around that success remain static and had a strong influence in the direction of those innovation strategies. The maximization of profit to satisfy private interests and the constant demand for expansion and growth are some of those assumptions. In the meanwhile, ventures with broader and more meaningful missions are challenging those static assumptions. This study is concentrated in the definition of principles, values, challenges and opportunities for social, environmental and circular business models, hence, seeks to propose recommendations and strategies to maximize opportunities for this business, especially in emerging economies such as Colombia.

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